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As authorised Daikin dealers, we have been delivering the high-quality air conditioning Melbourne can rely on since 2012. From a single split system unit, to a multi-outlet ducted design for an apartment block, office or other commercial premises, we design, supply, install, and service Daikin air conditioning systems for a range of different needs and purposes.

Working throughout Melbourne and the inner suburbs, you can call on Arctic Melbourne today for a comprehensive assessment and quote for your home or business.

Daikin Wam

With Daikin’s outstanding international reputation for engineering and performance, we are proud of our association with such a well-known and enduring brand.

The cutting edge technology of every Daikin system is something that can benefit any home or business. For over 80 years this innovative company has designed products with the Australian climate in mind.

Having installed and maintained hundreds of Daikin ducted systems and Daikin split systems across Melbourne, every member of the Arctic Melbourne team is well versed in the correct way to service, repair, and install these systems. If you’re not sure which Daikin product is right for you, then why not talk to our team today?

Daikin ducted split systems

Daikin ducted split systems melbourne

If you’re searching for a reverse cycle split system for use in your home or business premises, then it’s hard to go past the innovative offerings from Daikin. Split systems in Melbourne homes are a familiar sight, but they can also provide valuable service in a commercial environment when a smaller space or single room needs an economical, integrated heating and cooling solution.

  • DAIKIN Alira
  • R32 ducted system


The Daikin Zena is engineered with the latest technology, while its stylish and elegant design integrates seamlessly into the modern home. Available in White Hair Line or Black Wood finish, the Zena runs off R32 refrigerant.

Best For:
  • Modern contemporary rooms
  • Heating or cooling a small area of your home
  • Maintaining room ambiance
Daikin Zena


The Daikin Alira is our standard split system air conditioner, offering a range of capacities and running off R32 refrigerant. It features whisper quiet operation, improved energy efficiency, and long termreliability.

Best For:
  • Heating or cooling of small to large rooms
  • Those that are conscious of energy usage
  • Maintaining room ambiance
Dakin Alira


The floor standing unit is an electric alternative to hydronic heating. Using state of the art technology, you can choose between the luxury radiant heating mode or traditional air blown heating and cooling. The floor standing unit features a modern design and sits low on the wall for the optimum heating experience.

Daikin Floor Standing

R32 ducted system

Daikin is pleased to introduce the new R32 Premium Inverter and Inverter Ducted Series which will supersede the current R410A ranges.

The new Premium Inverter and Inverter ranges feature R32 refrigerant which has 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor' providing less risk of harm to the environment compared to the commonly used refrigerant R410A.

R32 refrigerant has a higher refrigeration capacity compared to R410A and delivers more efficient heating and cooling performance, therefore providing savings on energy bills.

  • R32 refrigerant used for low GWP impact
  • Improved Max ESP on IDU, for increased flexibility on ductwork design
  • Optimised fan start operation now available on IDU for better system reliability
  • 15 ESP settings and Auto Airflow Adjustment for simplified commissioning
  • Remote access via smart devices available with an optional WLAN Adapter (Airbase)
  • Compact IDU height for easy handling through common return air openings
  • R22 Retrofit installation now available on R32 Premium and Inverter models
  • Hanging brackets now available on R32 Premium and Inverter 71-160 Class models
R32 Premium Inverter Series
  • consists of single phase range from 7.1kW to 16.0kW with additional 85 Class (8.5kW) model now available
  • IDU height reduction of 400mm(h) for 140-160 Class models
  • increased cooling operation range up to 50ºC (ambient conditions) for ultimate cooling reliability
R32 Inverter Series
  • consist of three new capacities (5.0kW, 6.0kW, and 8.5kW), additionally we have also expanded with a new three phase range from 7.1kW - 16.0Kw
  • IDU height reduction of 300mm(h) for 50-100 Class models
Download R32 ducted system PDF
Daikin ducted split systems
Ducted Aircon


If you are considering Daikin’s ducted air conditioning for your Melbourne home or business, then you will be pleased to discover that we can either custom design and install a system for your new building, or retrofit a ducted Daikin system in an existing property.

Whether you choose custom made designer grilles or affordable standard diffusers, ducted systems are an unobtrusive, almost invisible heating and cooling system.

Choose from the premium, standard, or slimline options, with provision for either single-phase or three-phase power.

Bulkhead air conditioning

Bulkhead air conditioning melbourne

Each bulkhead is fitted with a custom made boutique grille for a high end stylish finish, providing a streamlined design for hotels, restaurants, or retail settings. If you are interested in a sleek, discreet design, then you may wish to ask the Arctic Melbourne team about Daikin’s innovative options for bulkhead air conditioning. Melbourne home and business owners can ask our team to determine whether this is the right solution for their shallow ceilings, or as an alternative to units that would take up floor or wall space.

Residential vrv

Residential vrv

Daikin’s VRV-S multi split air conditioning systems take flexibility and efficiency to a whole new level. Designed for modern homes, these systems feature compact and quiet outdoor units, and the flexibility to choose the indoor unit and controller that best suits your style and performance requirements.

Choose from the compact cassette, bulkhead, ceiling mounted built-in, ceiling concealed ducted, wall mounted, floor standing, or dual floor-ceiling suspended unit that best suits your interior style and budget requirements.

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Here at Arctic Melbourne we also give you the option to connect the air conditioning in your Melbourne home to the innovative MyAir control system. MyAir is compatible with Daikin’s VRV-S and ducted systems, and can also be used in conjunction with many hydronic heating systems.

With MyAir, you have complete control over your home environment. Use the central touch-screen tablet hub to control temperatures in the different zones of your home. Set and forget, or adjust it to suit your needs at any given moment. You can also connect your phone so that you have control from anywhere in your house

Back at the central tablet, you will be given the option to connect a range of apps, centralising your home security, making Skype calls, watching YouTube, playing music, or searching for recipes from the MyAir hub.

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